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01 November 2016 @ 08:31 pm
10 the martian icons for the eightth round of theiconthrone
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31 October 2016 @ 02:34 pm
Happy Halloween! In honor of the end of the month, I'll recap my month real quick:

  1. I went to three basketball games (my teams won all times!) and I'm going to one more this evening

  2. I finished mr. robot (was kinda let down by it) & orange is the new black (loved it; it was way better than season 3), caught up brooklyn nine-nine (I'm really glad it didn't lose it's magic), started getting caught up with how to get away with murder (it's good so far) & masters of sex (so glad I didn't decide to drop it!)

  3. I read even more stucky fanfic - I especially love the Stucky Big Bang 2016 fics and recommend you to read it! My favourites of the month are The Bedvengers by skatzaa (a real nice cuddly fic), Roll On by jaxington (a tfa era au fic which is one of the best things I've ever read), A Mother Always Knows by readergirl1013 (a real heartbreaking one from winnie's point of view), Overcome by fuck_me_barnes (well, the author's name kind of gives it away), Stucky Pure Porn Fics by stuckyandsterek (a really naughty collection), Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (a wedding photographer au), Targeting and its sequel Strong Safety by queenmab_scherzo (yes, it's as good as everyone says), Shuffle by turn_turn_turn (you'll love this one if you love Pining™) and Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (yes, it's a mpreg and yes, it's still in progress, and yes, I still urge you to read it!)

  4. I finally finished my 20 icon set for theseasonwheel, started participating on theiconthrone as a member of house bright (some more icons for round three and round six) and made some icons for moviefilmstills

  5. made a total of 52 icons

Some of my personal favourites of this month:

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30 September 2016 @ 12:42 pm
It's officially the last day of September. In September, I:

  1. experienced my first month of university (turns out some classes are going to be way harder than expected, and the hard ones are going to be easier?! how does what even work?)

  2. watched a couple of basketball games - my team lost both times :/

  3. kept up with paralympics - our goalball team picked up gold and mindaugas bilius won both gold and silver!

  4. started watching way more TV - finished zhenskiy doktor 2 and kings back in the beginning of the month, watched half of season 2 of mr. robot and season 3 of orange is the new black. i'm super pumped for new seasons of my fave shows + luke cage!!!

  5. finally watched brokeback mountain. cried like a fucking baby :/

  6. read more stucky fanfic; the faves of this month are i'm not sick (but i'm not well) (pre-avengers steve meets bucky), how to hook a superhero (intern!bucky meets cap!) and a collection of stucky aus (pretty selfexplanatory)

  7. hosted round 4 in redheads20in20, getting ready for a special character round!

  8. finally listened to how to be a human being by glass animals - it's way more than I expected, I love EVERY SINGLE SONG

  9. finished more than 50 icons for historamedy365 and increased my challenge to a 100 icons (made 13 new ones, I'm 61 in so far), i'm currently making 20 chuck icons for round 1 on theseasonwheel (need to make 8 more right now), I also made 20 chuck icons for round 9 of 10in30 which was really fun, made icons inspired by round 180 on the7days, also participated in rounds of actress_ic, elitesimplicity, paintedpixels and tvshowsic

  10. made a total of 63 icons

Some of my favourites this time around:

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10 September 2016 @ 11:20 pm
10 chuck icons for 10in30 round 9 (tropes)
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31 August 2016 @ 01:52 pm
Hey! In August, I:

  • finally became a certified student - my student life begins tomorrow and I'm kinda pumped?!

  • watched a whole lotta Olympics and rooted for my country's team (we got a silver and two bronze medals)

  • went "vacationing" to my countryside

  • almost finished kings (i've got one episode left and yes, I know I'm an extremely slow TV watcher), kept watching zhenskiy doktor 2 (the doctors finally hooked up! yes!) and watched walk of shame with elizabeth banks (it was meh, but still better than expected)

  • read a shit ton of stucky fanfic - I especially recommend Stucky Sugar Daddy (the title is self explanatory), For Words to Say it Right (a soulmates au) and I'm on Your Magical Mystery Ride (a very fun crack fic) and the rest of my bookmarks

  • almost finished my historamedy365 challenge with 13 new icons (48 in!), participated in turbo_rumble, also made some for abc_foodie, color_inspired, elitesimplicity, paintedpixels and tvshowsic

  • started round 4 on redheads20in20 - sign up here

  • made a total 40 icons

My personal favourites:

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01 August 2016 @ 05:17 pm
in july, I:

  • officially officially graduated from high school, got my diploma and had a fun celebration!

  • got my makeup done for the first time

  • got accepted to a university

  • religiously watched all the national basketball team friendly matches

  • grew my nail out (finally!)

  • finally finished season 2 of unbreakable kimmy schmidt, got midway through kings (it's better than I expected!) and watched about 20 episodes of zhenskiy doktor 2

  • made 19 more icons for historamedy365 (35 icons so far), a twenty orange+blue icon set for splash20in20 and some more for actress_ic, iconsomething, lims_movie, moviefilmstills, paintedpixels

  • went to the sea festival and saw måns zelmerlöw and vaidas baumila live for the first time (vaidas was so so good!)

  • got my broken phone back

  • hosted round 3 of redheads20in20

  • made a total 57 icons

  • and got some awards for them :)

my favourites of the month:

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01 August 2016 @ 04:41 pm
19 stock (+ 1 tv) icons for splash20in20

heaven passion dream movie/tv title foliage
vehicle round firework sparkle summer food
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