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31 December 2016 @ 08:10 pm
Happy holidays and New Year, everyone! I hope 2017 doesn't suck as much as 2016 did :)
In December, I:

  1. went to a couple of Neptūnas home games (most of them were great!)

  2. passed three of my exams in uni (four more to go!)

  3. watch brooklyn nine nine, how to get away with murder, jane the virgin, finished luke cage, stranger things and masters of sex

  4. finished reading the martian by andy weir

  5. celebrated Christmas and about to celebrate New Years

  6. read a lot of fanfic (as always) - my faves of the month - Fork and Knife by sidnihoudini (a wonderful Evanstan fic), Embarrassment Lasts but a Moment by Kellyscams (a hilarious drunk Bucky), Kells' Fic Fest by Kellyscams (a great collection of Stucky fics), Institutions of Love and Incarceration by thelittlestpurplecat (an au series with an incarcerated winter soldier), Thermal Acclimation by Claudia_flies (a very "innocent" masseuse Steve), Salami by L1av (one of the most hilarious/hot things I've read), The Blind Leading by SkyisGray (Captain America fraternizes with Winter Soldier), We colour the world with our hope by Sororising (colourblind Steve), Filthy Words by vassalady (a 40's era voyeur Steve)

  7. finished three icon sets for theiconthrone (round 19 + round 24 + round 27) and 10 more icons for historamedy365 (71 icons in so far)

  8. participated in the 2016 graphics gift exchange on calendarsquares

  9. made a total of 69 icons

Some of my favourites:

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30 November 2016 @ 06:32 pm
So, November's almost gone and Christmas begins very very soon! In the month of November, I managed to:

  1. be on every single neptūnas home game (except for today's) and I saw some amazing games!

  2. watch all the episodes of brooklyn nine nine, how to get away with murder, masters of sex and jane the virgin; also started watching stranger things and luke cage (so far I'm super impressed by both of them)

  3. almost finish reading the martian (I have three chapters left)

  4. read even more stucky fanfic - my favourites of the month are Can You Bench-Press Your Boyfriend? by TheFlailing, A Glimpse of Sunlight by Nostalgia-in-Starlight, To Kick a Little Ass for Myself by justaphage and During Business Hours: A Filthy Coffee Shop AU by samanthahirr

  5. go through the hardest tests and colloquiums (collies for short) in my life (I lost sleep over them, I was super nervous but I managed to pull through greatly!)

  6. finish three 10 icon sets for theiconthrone (round eight, round ten, round seventeen)

  7. made a total of 45 icons

  8. and got some more awards!

some of my personal favourite works:

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08 November 2016 @ 09:18 pm
[10] icons for round 10 of theiconthrone
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01 November 2016 @ 08:31 pm
10 the martian icons for the eightth round of theiconthrone
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31 October 2016 @ 02:34 pm
Happy Halloween! In honor of the end of the month, I'll recap my month real quick:

  1. I went to three basketball games (my teams won all times!) and I'm going to one more this evening

  2. I finished mr. robot (was kinda let down by it) & orange is the new black (loved it; it was way better than season 3), caught up brooklyn nine-nine (I'm really glad it didn't lose it's magic), started getting caught up with how to get away with murder (it's good so far) & masters of sex (so glad I didn't decide to drop it!)

  3. I read even more stucky fanfic - I especially love the Stucky Big Bang 2016 fics and recommend you to read it! My favourites of the month are The Bedvengers by skatzaa (a real nice cuddly fic), Roll On by jaxington (a tfa era au fic which is one of the best things I've ever read), A Mother Always Knows by readergirl1013 (a real heartbreaking one from winnie's point of view), Overcome by fuck_me_barnes (well, the author's name kind of gives it away), Stucky Pure Porn Fics by stuckyandsterek (a really naughty collection), Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (a wedding photographer au), Targeting and its sequel Strong Safety by queenmab_scherzo (yes, it's as good as everyone says), Shuffle by turn_turn_turn (you'll love this one if you love Pining™) and Biological Imperative by stuckytrash (yes, it's a mpreg and yes, it's still in progress, and yes, I still urge you to read it!)

  4. I finally finished my 20 icon set for theseasonwheel, started participating on theiconthrone as a member of house bright (some more icons for round three and round six) and made some icons for moviefilmstills

  5. made a total of 52 icons

Some of my personal favourites of this month:

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