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30 November 2016 @ 06:32 pm
november fest = life + icons + awards  
So, November's almost gone and Christmas begins very very soon! In the month of November, I managed to:

  1. be on every single neptūnas home game (except for today's) and I saw some amazing games!

  2. watch all the episodes of brooklyn nine nine, how to get away with murder, masters of sex and jane the virgin; also started watching stranger things and luke cage (so far I'm super impressed by both of them)

  3. almost finish reading the martian (I have three chapters left)

  4. read even more stucky fanfic - my favourites of the month are Can You Bench-Press Your Boyfriend? by TheFlailing, A Glimpse of Sunlight by Nostalgia-in-Starlight, To Kick a Little Ass for Myself by justaphage and During Business Hours: A Filthy Coffee Shop AU by samanthahirr

  5. go through the hardest tests and colloquiums (collies for short) in my life (I lost sleep over them, I was super nervous but I managed to pull through greatly!)

  6. finish three 10 icon sets for theiconthrone (round eight, round ten, round seventeen)

  7. made a total of 45 icons

  8. and got some more awards!

some of my personal favourite works:

some more icons

6x pitch perfect
2x clueless
2x orange is the new black
1x captain america: the first avenger
1x captain america: the winter soldier
1x in time
1x iron man
1x short term 12

and a few awards
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